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Can I Count You In For Your Support?

Michael Burton Productions Marketing
Michele Stoute VP

Many of you know of "Michael Burton Productions",who the CEO and founder is, his history within the world of entertainment.

You know we provide a service for a fee

Over the past years I have informed you and updated you with each step we have taken and of our growth within our business.

In 1974 Michael Burton Sr. open the doors for entertainers seeking the best live concerts for themselves and their groups and more.
 If you missed over the years this information go here:

In 2005 Marketing was added.
 Michele Stoute VP Marketing
 Personal love, support, encouragement and guidance, empowered me too blossom to who I am this day. Yes it all steams from a great teacher Michael Burton Sr.CEO and Founder "Michael Burton Productions".  Not to mention the on line self help videos and on line training added to my skills, qualifications, perseverance and wiliness to learn and put into action what I learned.
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In 2012 we added a advisor
Sharon M. Henderson VP Accounting

Now I need to know can I count you in for your support?

In 2012 
Sharon M. Henderson was given management position 
Michael Burton Sr 
Michael Burton Productions, LLC
The Kyle Rowland Blues Band has been chosen as the Artist Michael Burton Productions, LLC shall pursue long term commitments from with regard to Promoting & Managing thru-out the remainder of 2013.
We will have a commitment from The Kyle Rowland Blues Band that gives Michael Burton Productions as Manager/Promoter/Producer exclusive rights to The Kyle Rowland Blues Band future by providing financial compensation to enhance the Artists' career after a formal contract is signed. 
All recordings and reproductions made there from, shall be The Kyle Rowland Blues Band sole and exclusive property, free from any claim by Michael Burton Sr. and/or Michael Burton Productions, LLC unless where warranted.
Thank You;
Michael Burton Productions
'Let's Take It To The Stage"

Friday, February 8, 2013

Communicate World-Wide

Communicate World-Wide with Friends, Family, Business Associates with a New Web Cam using just a few clicks of your mouse!

Why We Love The Kyle Rowland Blues Band!

Michael Burton Productions,LLC

We would like to introduce Kyle Rowland to you and really explain the reasoning behind our choice of spearheading such a huge campaign. 
Why we Love The Kyle Rowland Blues Band! 
On October 2, 2011 during a show in Sacramento,CA, I would meet 18 year old Harmonica Player Kyle Rowland while hanging out with others in the Music Business, I was amazed, and it was evident where this young talent was headed. We immediately went into a "Let's discover a mutual music focus on where we can assist Kyle Rowland in taking the music, and that proverbial light went on in our mind, and that was to bring National & International attention to this amazing young talent. 
It’s not often you are able or in the right place to get in on the ground floor of something special and that you love doing, and so Michael Burton Productions put into play the next chapter in an impressive life story.
Kyle's Biography!
Kyle Edward Rowland was born on June 8, 1993 in Sacramento, California. With a stretch of the imagination, one could say that Kyle has been playing the harmonica since birth. When he was just a baby, his father put a harmonica in his crib. For his first couple of years, Kyle used his harmonica as a pacifier/teething ring. Kyle's first memories of playing the harmonica are when he would sit along side his father and listen to him play the harmonica for fun. One day when Kyle was 10 years old, his father heard harmonica music coming from the front yard. He went outside and was amazed to find Kyle playing the Blues. In May of 2004, at the age of 10, Kyle was sitting in front of a stage during the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee listening to “Mick Martin and The Blues Rockers”. Kyle quietly began to play along on his harmonica and when Mick heard Kyle playing he asked him to join the band on stage. This was the beginning of Kyle's venture with the Blues. Shortly after the festival Kyle began taking lessons from Mick Martin. Kyle feels privileged to be learning from Mick who is known as one of the best blues harmonica players in Northern California.
Since that day in 2004, Kyle has played with some of the Blues greats such as James Cotton, Hubert Sumlin, Norton Buffalo, Roy Rogers, Tommy Castro, Jerry Martini (founding member of Sly & The Family Stone, and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee), John Juke Logan, Frankie Lee, Barry (The Fish) Melton from Country Joe and the Fish, Nick Gravenites from Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Frank Hannon from Tesla, Angela Strehli, Zakiya Hooker, John Mayall, Mark Hummel, Rick Estrin, Kenny Neal, James Harmon, Charlie Musselwhite, John Nemeth and Rusty Zinn and others. Kyle has performed at the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee since 2004, at the California State Fair since 2005, and at various other festivals in California and Nevada, including the popular Monterey Blues festival. Kyle can be found playing with the 'The Kyle Rowland Band' and sitting in with other bands in the area, such as: Mick Martin & the Blues Rockers, Gary Mendoza, Mere Mortals, Darrell Mansfield and others. Kyle's band is comprised of experienced adults with more than 30 years of musical experience each. Kyle released his first CD in Oct 2009 titled, "Kyle Rowland, Messin with the Kid, a Tribute to My Blues Heroes" and a second in 2012 titled "High Rollin'". He has also received 'the blues harmonica player of the year, and blues new artist of the year' in 2009 from the West Coast Blues Hall of Fame Award show. Kyle's joy of performing and love of the audience's response are visible in his showmanship. He is a natural, and thoroughly enjoys playing the harmonica.
This is where our Social Media Family comes into play.
The 40 Days & 40 Nights Kyle Rowland Blues Band Blues Tour, will be the crowning legacy for Michael Burton Productions. Since 1974 Michael Burton Productions has exemplified Pre & Post Productions, we have worked with some of the best known Musicians, Companies, Agents, Managers, and Professionals in the Industry, and now it's time to work with the People that I've served for these 40 years.
Michael Burton the original Stage Manager of Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, is taking the stage back in 2013 with the "40 Days & 40 Nights Kyle Rowland Blues Band Blues Tour" across the Country and we need your help.
We started out with an Open Letter, as an introduction from Michael Burton Productions to our Friends and Social Media Family showing how extensive our marketing efforts, where are listed Blues Clubs & Blues Radio Listings from across the United States, because we strongly feel The Kyle Rowland Blues Band would make an impressive showing with the following these Blues Establishments already have in place.
The range of seating differs between them; from 150 to 400 paying customers, and in doing the figures with ticket prices kept at a reasonable price, any return on investment, doing as many as 200 performances throughout the remainder of the year would be substantial.
The logistics of Band travel State to State.
How does Michael Burton Productions plan to collectively transport upwards of 8 Band & Crew Members to these establishments? Can you say Coach!
Since 1977 as Stage Manager for Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, the comfort of transporting Band & Crew was handled with Tennessee Coaches, and as second driver, the logistics were learned first hand.
Plausible; you bet it’s plausible, a money maker any way you look at it. Now we need you our Social Media Network Family to make it happen.
If you could have faith in an old road warrior that has the respect an dedication to get the job done.
And that’s the whole honest story, now you decide, if it will be worth your time and money.
As a post note, if after reading and you decide to contribute your hard earned money, I will give notice on our website after any accolades won over the next year;
 “It Would Not Have Been Possible Without Help From” 
Thank you,
Michael Burton Sr.
"Michael Burton Productions"
Michele Stoute VP Marketing

Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Next Series of "Live Blues Shows" 2013

-Michele Stoute VP Marketing-

Michael Burton Productions is a full-service production company, able to provide one-stop shopping for your show. Our seasoned professionals consistently deliver top quality sound, lighting, video, staging, back line and transportation services to a full spectrum of clientele. 

Michael Burton Productions engages every project focused to surpass client expectations with a commitment to communication, cooperation, and integrity that ensures delivery of exemplary service, first class equipment and fair, cost effective rates.

Our opportunities are only as good as we make them. You the fans are going to determine how far we can take this. We will strive to bring you the best at all times. We will not compromise by staging anything but the best show possible. You can take that to the bank.

A PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTION company, with over 30 years experience.

I'm looking for funding for our next series of
 "Live Blues Shows" Productions 
The Kyle Rowland Blues Band.

The 40 Days & 40 Nights Kyle Rowland Blues Band Blues Tour!

Michael Burton the original Stage Manager of Maze, is taking the stage back in 2013 with 40 Cities across the Country featuring The Kyle Rowland Blues Band.

I'm looking for funding for our next series of "Live Blues Shows" Productions featuring The Kyle Rowland Blues Band.
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Michael Burton Productions & Michael Burton Productions,LLC

Michael Burton Sr. CEO & Founder "Michael Burton Productions"

Stage Manager
Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

Michael Burton Sr.
Sharon M. Henderson
"Michael Burton Productions,LLC"

 Las Vegas, NV.
-Sharon M. Henderson-
VP Accounting 
"Michael Burton Productions,LLC"
Michael Burton Sr. 
CEO & Founder 
 "Michael Burton Productions"

 "Michael Burton Productions"
Michele Stoute

 VP Marketing 

VP Video Conferencing
VP Video Conferencing Webcams
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Monday, December 24, 2012

"Soul, Style, Sass, & Funk"? "We're Trying it Again in 2013"!

"Michael Burton Productions"
We're Trying It Again For 2013!
Let's start at the beginning. Over the past 35 plus years I have performed or have done pre or post set-ups in almost every City and State in these United States.

I was along for the ride of my life and enjoying every beautiful moment. I have had the opportunity to be in some of the most beautiful places in the Country, stopping the vehicle just to gaze at the splendor of the land. It was the faces of the crowds of people that heard the music and felt the bands that I will never forget. Seeing those many different colors of faces when they were pleased, and wanting more, I still choke up all these years later trying to describe it. You can read more of my story here, it will open a new window: About Michael Burton Sr.

"Soul, Style, Sass, & Funk" was a concept created many years ago. It became clear with the passing of my best friend Mckinley "BUG" Williams of the Soul R&B Band Maze featuring Frankie Beverly that I should follow up on the long talks we had about this event, (I even plan to dedicate this event in his memory). I didn't know how important my contribution to history was until "BUG" passed. Mckinley would always find a way to bring this up in our conversions, "No matter what your accumulation in wealth is, your awards or legacy in life comes from what you have contributed to the world not yourself". This was his concern for me, it wasn't until he passed that I really sat down and evaluated my life and what I would do next.

Some will say that this is just a copy of "Woodstock" or "Wattstax", but I will disagree, it is much larger. "Soul, Style, Sass, & Funk" is for a much older generation, a generation that had learned that any musical act had to sing, a generation that had do-wop, and street corner singers that we could hear on any given night singing in harmony without any instruments that would sound so good. My generation had to perform, simple as that may sound, it was not always that easy.

I will not try and describe the many different types of genres as this story progresses, I am going to stick to the story line.

"4 Days of Music, 50 Years of Soul" is just that, an event that will have no boundaries, that will be created by you the consumer. A simple form to be completed and sent to me with the Act(s) of your choice, and a vote to secure your place in history as co-producer before the music passes on.

"Soul, Style, Sass, & Funk" will be my legacy. A concert produced by everyone. How is this going to work? Well, everyone interested in this production will purchase (I cannot say donate) my ebook on "How to Produce or Promote a Concert", then you will add your email and home address into the form page to be sent a three disk DVD on the making of "Soul, Style, Sass, & Funk".

But you must continue to read this story to understand what we're going to offer.

Michael Burton Productions presents "Soul, Style, Sass, & Funk, 4 Days of Music, 50 Years of Soul". Our success is only as good as we make it. As you read on you will see that with preparations, the gross cash potential is only limited by the work we put into it, no fancy pages, just plain black and white:
  • television/radio - NPR!
  • percentage of CD sales!
  • percentage of pay-per view!
  • sales of t-shirts!
  • caps!
  • jerseys!
  • percentage of all food items!
  • sponsorships!
  • hotels!
  • airlines!
  • bus services!
  • video services!
  • contest!
  • our own 900 number!
  • Pay-Per-View!

I'm looking for Investors for a "LIVE CONCERT" Production. I can't ask everyone for a large sum of money, but I can ask for a small sum of money from all my friends and all their friends. In this day and age with all the technology it's much easier.

So here's how it works:

We are preparing to start video recording an HD - DVD, 3 disk production of the making of "Soul, Style, Sass, & Funk". We know how hard the economy is and realize lots of people are out of work, but I'm asking you to jump on the bandwagon and help support this production.

This will be a 3 DVD box set with a planned 5 hours of music and will include every aspect of the production, all pre production details, just as you would see on any commercial disk!:
  • Talent Cost (this will cover all groups/acts involved)!
  • Production Cost (sound, lights, barricade, back line)!
  • Marketing Cost (newspaper, radio, TV, music)!
  • Catering Cost (band and local crew)!
  • Staff Cost (security, venue staff)!
  • Venue Cost (rental fee, electricity, generator, etc. ($20,000.00 by the way)!
  • Runner Cost (vehicle rental cost, gas, runner's fee, ground transportation)!
  • Ticketing Cost!
  • Misc. Cost (petty cash, hospitality items, etc.)!
  • Contest Register (chance to win an all expense paid trip to Las Vegas, see below)!
  • Total Cost!

This is not just an R&B show, it's a Music Show. In essence, every act, every label, every agent, will want to get their artist on the show. As a side note, the $14.95 for "Pay-Per-View"; will give us a very large bargaining tool. A night given for each genre (i.e., artistic and musical compositions characterized by a particular style, form, or content) of music, "Jazz, Blues, Rock & Funk".

Labor Day would truly be an unforgettable event.
We have access to all types of entertainers from our large database, which has been collected over the past 40 years of doing pre & post productions for "live" events.

Privacy Policy:

My policy is simple. I will NEVER rent, share, or sell your personal information, and that's a promise.

To support "Soul Style Sass & Funk" and purchase my e-Book only takes 2 minutes:

  • 1. Click on our Promo picture below on right, it will open a new page!
  • 2. Your option are $7.95 (the default), and $20.00!
  • 3. It will take you to my PayPal express checkout page!
  • 4. Click the buy now button!
  • 5. Right click and save it to a thumb drive (recommended), or create a folder on your C:\ drive!
  • 6. DONE!
  • 7. All the needed information for downloading the e-Book and how to save it is provided!

For those that are using the $20.00 option, take an extra 30 seconds to fill out the mailing form below with your contact information so I will know where to send your DVD.
Please everyone, option 2 will be for those that want to really see their names in the e-Book as a co-Producer, and making it a simple form was the only way I could keep the price down.

Thanks for your understanding.
Thank You & Enjoy!

Any sales of this item will add funds to next years Productions. Thank You For Your Support.

Me & Baby
Michael Burton Sr.
CEO & Founder
-since- 1974 
Michael Burton Productions
Michele Stoute VP Marketing

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cost Effective Items Needed for 2013

Michael Burton Productions
Cost Effective Items Needed for 2013
Health Items, Home,Office Essentials, Tools, Music, Pulse TV's, Children's Learning the list goes on
 Up to 70% off on some items
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